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 One Day $50 August 23
 One Day $50 August 24
 Two Days $95


Day 1  (August 23, 2017) Includes                                                             


Learn basic tools of the trade and their applications.                                                       


Learn basic cables used and their applications.                                                  


Learn how to set up staging equipment.                                                              


Learn how to set up the basic power distribution boxes.                                                              


Learn about truss and how to set it up.                                                 


And Much More…..                                                        



Day 2  (August 24, 2017) Includes                                                             


Learn how to run power, data and circuits.                                                          


Learn to hang and focus equipment.                                                      


Learn basic lighting and audio fixtures.                                                  


Learn basic audio and lighting consoles.                                                


How to load and unload truck.                                                  


And Much More…..