Martin Stagebar 54 Small


Martin Stagebar 54 Small


The Stagebar 54 is an LED luminaire with a comprehensive color range that functions as a pixel bar for displaying imagery and video, or as a wash luminaire for floodlighting surfaces and stages. 

A central feature of the Stagebar 54 is its ability to create consistent colors. With five colored diodes (red, green, blue, amber and white) instead of the usual three, the Stagebar 54 offers a wider range of colors.  The amber diode extends the color range and effectively controls color temperature and the white diode provides a better white light quality that can create softer pastels.

Martin has also included a color calibration system with the Stagebar, which means that you will only need to replace the dead pixels (instead of all of them), and then calibrate the replacements to the exact output of the others.

In order to ensure the best lumen performance possible from the Stagebar, on-demand fans monitor and regulate cooling.  The smart heat management extends the lifespan of diodes, while still maintaining acoustic levels for TV or sound-sensitive applications.

The Stagebar 54 is controlled by the industry standard DMX 512-A.  RJ-45 connectors and optional XLR adapters give maximum flexibility.  Each Stagebar unit has direct power and DMX inputs so there's no need for external power supplies or additional cables and DMX boxes.  Loop-through power and data links let you daisy chain fixtures.  New software features and updates can also be added via the DMX input.

Martin has provided four distinct control modes - giving the Stagebar's user the option of simple control economizing on channels, or comprehensive control when needed