Mega Lite Halo 5R


Mega Lite Halo 5R


The HĀLO 5R combines an LED wash, narrow beam, gobo projector and an attention grabbing visual effects unit, all in one compact and powerful lighting fixture.

This automated head boasts 16 tri-color RGB LEDs surrounding the beam. The use of tri-color LEDs creates a color wash effect that can make any venue glow. At the same time, you can control four sections of LEDs to enhance your show with visual effects.

A 5R lamp powers the beam and is capable of 7 colors and white. The gobo wheel, equipped with 7 rotating fixed gobos, allows this unit project areal effects. The 8 facet rotating prism adds another dimension to the beam, creating a multi-beam effect. The unit is also equipped with an iris giving you even more control to narrow the diameter of the beam.

This incredible multi-use fixture meets the demands of the lighting industry, providing more features than previously expected. The HĀLO 5R is a one of a kind unit for numerous kinds of applications. It’s the perfect tool to add to your lighting arsenal.

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