LED Strobe- 882 Strike Copy


LED Strobe- 882 Strike


STRIKE™ 882 combines the explosive power
of 882 white SMD LEDs with a rugged cast
housing to create an intense, tour-ready
strobe. A low profile, lightweight fixture body
houses the 6-segment LED array. Combine
pixel control and special effect macros
for stunning visual impact. Silent, fan-free
operation makes the STRIKE™ 882 ideal
for use in noise-sensitive environments.
STRIKE™ 882 was built with ease-of-use in
mind, with 3- and 5-pin DMX connections
and powerCON® in and out for ultimate easy
handling. The innovative All-On feature allows
the STRIKE™ 882 to be used as an audience
blinder in addition to being a stellar strobe

4x18x9 in
* 1