Absen A7 Panels


Absen A7 Panels


Each A-Series panel is 500mm * 500mm, and at its thinnest point is only 15mm in thickness. Each A3, A5 and A7 panel weighs between 9 to 9.5 Kg. With simple assembly/disassembly and compact packaging, it is extremely easy to transport, and saves time and labor.

With a 65,536 grayscale level (16-bit color), high refresh rate and ultra-high contrast in image quality, A-Series panels deliver crystal clear images and are perfect to display high-definition images and videos for stage performances and television studios.

A3 uses SMD3528 black lights to enhance contrast grade. The application of soft masks ensures a greater flatness of the screen and a seamless patching between cabinets.

A7 panels, IP rated at IP65/54, is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications and adaptable for fixed or rental installations.

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